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Results engaged, and proven website design and development firm based in metro Atlanta. Rayvan, LLC has been in business since 2002 with Sidney Rippetoe, and Ivan Alfaro co-founding the company while knocking out custom website projects on freelance sites like rentacoder.com or elance.com - We believe being small keeps you humble, and reliability hasn't been compromised with growing experience - And with that experience, we have also noticed that creating hundreds of successful websites per year isn't a problem when quality, and a 24/7 support is there for you.

Primary services include

» Custom Content Management Systems
» Successful conversion rate eCommerce systems
» Website Revamps
» Hosting and Technical Support

Client-facing Team Biographies

Ivan Alfaro
Ivan Alfaro // Development Manager
As the Development Manager, Ivan sources work out to the team after clear-cutting all the details, scope, and time frames. Ivan has over a decade of experience in the field. He holds several certifications in both ends of web development, content management systems and online shopping carts. By regularly consulting and executing for various high profile clients.

He is also responsible for consulting, writing result-driven analysis, evaluations and time-to-live estimates.  A full summary of Ivan is available at his LinkedIn profile linked below.

Sidney Rippetoe // Business Director

My name is Sidney and I’m a winning communicator, expert Net and Amateur TV advocate, internet buff, professional web developer, a great husband and the proud father of 3 outstanding, beautiful and extremely intelligent girls.

I consider myself as down to earth, open minded, knowledgeable & an insightful person. I am an entrepreneur involved in many different projects simultaneously. I am passionate about what I do, and continually seek for more opportunities to invest in or develop.

I used to work in the construction sector, but due to medical reasons I was forced to quit that job and reinvent myself. I didn’t know this was that the opportunity of my lifetime. I have been working as a hardcore web developer, image consultant and graphic designer since 2002. Since that year I have taken extensive course on computers, web systems, programming language and image development on the Northeastern State University.
Together with my partner (Ivan), we have started several dot-com's, learned about the Net and have made a name for ourselves. We believe being small keeps you humble and reliability hasn't been compromised with the growing experience we have had. With that experience, we have also noticed that creating hundreds of successful websites per year isn't a problem when quality, and a 24/7 support is there for you.
My work in graphic design has been highly gratifying since I have had the opportunity to work with several multinational companies across the years. I have made several designs for new candy bars similar to “Reeses” and “Herseys”. I have also worked on multiple drink labels and on designs for drink companies having to do with logos, imaging, layout and idea-developments.
I have also Freelanced for Google and love to overachieve in customer service. Currently, I run several high achieving websites and I am the Business Director at RayvanBros, LLC.

Alicia RagelAlicia Ragel // Account Executive
Alicia heads 60% of sales through her extensive list of networking & technical contacts.  Additionally, she is responsible for getting any support or update requests in the schedule or to the right department.

Ragel grew up in Alabama, and learned to be aggressive by her early-career objective to become an automotive technician. She gradually made it through the ranks with internships but she found that her skills can better be used running shops, instead of working them. After selling off 3 body shops - she took a year off to reflect her next objective. That objective involved web-based instructional repair videos, which later involved meeting Rayvan. And she's been a great addition to the team since.

Johann Lohrmann // Research & Development Consultant
Atlanta based Johann Lohrmann is a communications specialist with a passion for media. His love for media grew early, and by the time he was fourteen-years old he was writing for Children's Express-an organization that teaches children how to write, interview, and research. There he interviewed sports heroes and politicians.

In his senior year of high school, he produced his first short, An Era of Civil Rights. Later, he would write, direct, and produce documentaries for a PBS affiliate, serve as a media planner and research consultant to media companies, and conduct research throughout France, Canada and the United States.

Johann is equally focused and driven when it comes to giving back to the community. For the last ten years he has volunteered with an at-risk youth agency, tutored ESL students and used his communications expertise to help organize film festivals, coordinate volunteer events and even give lectures on research and communications strategies. Johann Lohrmann was recently nominated for an Emmy for his documentary, How I Survived World War II. It explored how soldiers, children and those who lived and served during World War II survived.

His mantra is – "does it work?" Which ties into a quote Johann chooses to live by:

We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire...Give us the tools and we will finish the job. - Sir Winston Churchill