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E-Marketing – The Alter Ego of Marketing

Latest buzz has it that there is a new, unique and intelligent concept that has been doing rounds in the e-world and which has touched a new high. This concept now offers a fresh and novel approach of ‘brand experience' to the e-customers. The new concept that has targeted the e-world is E-marketing.

E-marketing aka Internet marketing has, in recent times, undergone a makeover. Perceived previously as a ‘hip' style of marketing for the “uber class”, has now entered the homes of the common people and is fast becoming the norm, thanks to the increasing number of companies that are incorporating it into their marketing strategy. What started as a cautious approach has now become a huge hit and has grown leaps and bounds.

But the question is’ What is E-marketing’? How does it help the seller? Why is there the necessity to do so? How does the seller benefit from it? Though there has been a lot of research done on it and lot of theories have been formed, E-marketing, which goes by the names- electronic marketing, e-mail marketing, email management, e-commerce, online commerce, internet marketingdigital marketingweb marketingonline marketingsearch marketing is simplified as promoting particular brand/s, product/s or service/s over the Internet. E-marketing comprises all the activities through which a trade is done via the worldwide web with the aim of attracting new sales, while retaining current sales and developing the brand identity.

Though marketing was previously done through word of mouth or paper ads or pamphlets/brochures on which we spent thousands and thousands of dollars, we improvised it when technology hit it. The early marketers realized the potential of the internet and the effects it had on consumers and the mass benefit it could bring if they promoted trade online through e-mails, pay per click etc. So began the experiment. Today's savvy entrepreneurs now know that in order to run a successful business it is absolutely essential to promote their brand/s, product/s or service/s via E-marketing.

Though businesses are still being promoted through paper ads or pamphlets/brochures, one can still boost their brand/s, product/s or service/s via E-marketing with much less a consistent cost of mailings, print, varied graphic work, etc. This funding loop is brought up to help keep in mind that there is always a cut-throat competition out there, that there are companies vying to be in top spot, and your investments in marketing should have the best bang.

You can still reach out to your consumers and for that one needs to be tech savvy. Why? Here’s the how and why:

  1. When compared with advertising in newspapers and magazines and TVs, brochure, pamphlets, which cost a fortune, the costs are comparatively cheaper when done through E-marketing. This can be done using color images and a detailed description about the product in an interesting way. And since it's digital, changes are immediate.
  2. Traditional methods like advertising in newspapers and magazines and TVs, brochure, pamphlets are sporadic whereas e-marketing methods are continuous and everlasting.
  3. E-marketing reaches out to customers’ day in day out i.e. even when a seller promotes his product a long time back, the customer will find it whenever they wish.
  4. E-marketing helps customers see products and all the information about the product/ service 24x7...opening sales up to non-business hours.
  5. E-marketing through advertising campaign and email messages lets the seller know the number of visitors to his site, the number of viewers who viewed the ad. Therefore providing targeted reporting on what ad(s) work best.
  6. E-marketing helps in accessing an infinite number of clients locally and globally.
  7. E-marketing creates and improves brand awareness among the customers.
  8. It builds long-lasting relationships with customers.
  9. E- marketing via mail newsletters once sent to the seller’s trusted and loyal consumers will be forwarded to other people for their friends, family members etc. thereby creating new prospects for the seller.

Adhering to the above helps and leads the seller to greater profitability in the long run. Contact us today about getting your e-marketing action plan together. You will not regret it.

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