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Happy Memorial Day!

You wouldn't be here.

That's the situation everyone thinks of when Memorial Day comes around. And it's the blunt truth. Our service men and women protect not only the good from harm's way, but the bad too. Let that sink in for a minute.

That means even if you are in a role where you and/or your family is in danger, you are still out there caring for the greater good and safety, the protection of the values of the home, of the Brave. Therefore, please take time out of your weekend and Monday to remember our heroes. They have been lost and continuously give for our ability to be united here and abroad.

I encourage you to take this Holiday beyond today and into every day for EVERY government-dutied individual. Because as an existing belief of mine was reinforced during a training session of the Oz principle this week; Even the seemingly smallest gear can have an impact on our outcome. 1 example of this is your DMV or county tag office-if we didn't have consistent identity measures in place-criminals would be free to roam yet they're given a bad rap because occassionally an extra 30 minutes was detracted from our lives.

So I encourage you to take Memorial Day to the next level after Monday. Thanks for the read.

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