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Featured Bespoke Drupal Website Design and Dev: PasoFino Dance Studio

pasofino dance company homepage screenshotAfter many months of fun working with Jose Maldonado, Lucy Lu and some of the other team members-the website for PasoFino Dance Studio is rolling and even hit a traffic spike in the first few days. Thankfully 24/7 hosting support came in for the save with a server upgrade.

What were the key ingredients to this?


  • Lively
  • Passionate
  • Action-Encouraging


  • Drupal setup and back-end dev with customized modules
  • Rich front-end development on the theme level
  • Extensive and dynamic Flash integration

What did the company get out of this beautiful, engaging, brand spankin' new website?


eCommerce Testimonial

We hope you enjoyed our attempt at a prank at the beginning of the month. Sorry there has not been many updates...we have recently engaged into a 6 month agreement with Turner Broadcasting System. As thus, concentration has been moved away from the blog for a bit.

Today we would like to share an insightful testimonial with you:

"...I'm a strong believer everything happens for a reason. While frustrating about the server, it is pushing me to consider hosting with you.

I asked so many people about all of this last year, and was dumbfounded how few people seem to understand the details of what is needed to properly do e-commerce. I welcome any insights you can offer..."

Kim Badenhop
SpiritedWhimsy.com Owner

Variations of this is something we hear or read everyday. The success of our company within the eCommerce design & development industry is completely dependent on the proven track records and knowledge of what is feasible, what is going to damage your conversion rates or general hosting performance. We also have extensive experience in customization and rapid response with 24/7 support.

To read more about our out-of-the-box solution in this area-click here


Avoid Website Development Disaster

This week's article is located at Examiner.com by our very own Ivan Alfaro. Click read more to see the full post on their website

"...in this post are the biggest bottomless pits for website development and occasionally - design for business owners; along with what you can do to thwart it. As business owners, there are constant needs for keeping an eye on the future and working which can often push website needs aside, especially in a small business..."

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How to setup a medium content website redirect for a migration in 30 minutes

Hello there!

During the Rayvan re-branding to RayvanBros at the beginning of the year - we decided to leave our heavily seo-friendly website rayvan.net to become secondary - in order to migrate the individual page strength, we redirected relevant content to their newly due places. Leaving every other page to become a custom Page Not Found web page (404 error code) that leads back to the new website.

On the same topic - We were recently consulted for a private government contract to advise a realistic recommendation for migrating a 15,000+ page website into Drupal. But please do understand this is a totally different animal - although we are not talking about animals. Pages with 500+ pages should be systematically migrated.


Customer Service number changed

Dear Customers,

We apologize for the inconvenience but our customer service number has changed from (800) 809-4210 to (800) 495-5933. We were receiving an unruly amount of calls that were directed from AT&T and Napster so we had to change it. Please update your address books as needed and again, sorry.

RayvanBros Team

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